A platformer following a cube on his adventures through CubeWorld

A and D or arrow keys to move, space to jump.

(Keep in mind the game is in early beta everything is subject to change) 

This is my first game and is very incomplete.

Install instructions

Web Version: Play right here on most browsers, use Microsoft Edge for max screen size.

Windows Download: Install CubeWorld.zip, extract all and open CubeWorld.exe, you may get a windows defender so click see more and run anyway.


CubeWorld.zip 23 MB


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Really enjoying the playful music of the game! 😁Fun and nice looking world graphic. The player is a bit low contrast as grey on blue, so bit hard to see. Though I got quite far, but not sure, the level is quite hard! The jump it a bit fast and sharp, so hard to land. Fun experience! 🎉

controls are way too slippery/inconsistent.

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This is the first beta of the game, I just wanted to see if it would run on the web. Thank you for the feedback and I will be sure to improve this in the near future, I started using Unity a week ago so all feedback helps.